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Just my thoughts - being single

by Rona Lee

To all pretty single ladies, grab all the leisure time you have now. Parties everywhere, mingle with new people and shop ‘til you drop. All the night life buddies are available when you’re also in to it. You can have a glass. Personally, I drink too, but not much. And swear not to smoke. It would ruin your health, and eventually, your beauty as well. Mostly, us, girls are trying to make ourselves pretty and presentable. When still single, either taken or available, we bought things here and there that add up to our physical development. I prefer ukay ukay or the hand-me-downs apparel to spend less and buy more. I don’t apply make-up but I didn’t say you have to do the same. I only put on lip gloss to prevent chapped lips and powder to ease out oily face.

Finally, when someone special collides, meet and greet him. Get ample time to know each other. However, one friend said she’d rather stay single because all the single guys out there are hers. We laughed out loud.

Enjoy and care less to what others think – that is, if you just make sure you haven’t stepped on somebody. That case is so rampant nowadays, particularly, in the company where I recently work. I’m sure not only there, but everywhere. Hope the management had something to do about the morality check of the company’s name.

And most especially, relax! By the time you have decided to settle down and have a baby, you will never experience the things you had when you’re still single. But I don’t mean having a baby is a burden, it’s just that the time you have for fun will be lessen and most of it will be used up with your family. To love and care, and be loved and cared by a family is worth living.

To sum it all up, enjoy life to the fullest!

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