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You must always be alert and wary of internet dating scams, if you are thinking of finding a romantic partner or starting a relationship through any of the online dating sites. There is no guarantee that any dating site is scammer free, either free or paid. The internet romance scammers are willing to invest on paid sites to reach their goal of ripping people off their cash.

There are quite a number of reported cases of online dating scams everywhere in the world. But there are many more cases that weren't reported because the victims were embarrassed, ashamed and felt stupid to have fallen for the deceptions.

Other than online dating sites, the people who operate the internet dating scams target chat rooms, social networking sites and dating discussion boards to hunt for their victims. They will try to strike a conversation and send instant messaging. They do these to as many people as they can.

The internet romance scams focus is on elderly, lonely, separated or newly divorced men and women. They know that these lonely people need attention and affection, are vulnerable and are willing to part with their money. Their other targets are overweighed individuals because they know these people are emotionally insecure and crave attention. Their other favorite spots are adult dating sites because they know what the members are looking for.

Spotting Internet Dating Scams - The Warning Signs

He doesn't want to show his photos in different settings.

Anyone can upload anyone's photo and make it his profile picture. Since you can't tell if his profile photo is really him, ask him to show his photos in different settings. If he gives you plenty of excuses and refuses to do so, it's best that you forget about him. An honest person won't try to hide his identity.

Other than putting up a photo that is taken from somewhere, the scammer will also give false information on his age, personal information and also gender. He may claim that he's a man but he could actually be a woman impersonating as a man. Be alert and on the lookout for inconsistencies. He will slip up and if you pay attention, will notice it.

He wants you to reveal your personal information.

Though you might want to be honest, don't reveal your true identity like your last name and don't provide your home address, work address and your vehicle registration number. One of the signs that he is a scammer is when he asks for your passwords, credit card or bank account numbers. Get out of the relationship immediately.

Think seriously before you give him your telephone number. If you call him to meet up face to face, block your telephone number so that he can't detect it. If he has access to your number, he will call you and send text messages any time he pleases. If you do give, let him have a number that isn't your main line and one that you can dispose off easily. People can look up for your address if they have your number because some countries require that you register your cell phone number even if you are using a prepaid card.

Internet dating scams third warning. He falls in love with you too quickly.

Beware when he shows a passionate interest after 3 or 4 emails. Why and how could any sane person fall for someone so quick even without meeting her? He'll call you his queen and princess and tell you that he has found a soul mate in you. Even if you are desperate and lonely, don't ever fall for this trick.

If you don't take heed to this warning and run as far as you can, you'll soon receive emails from him telling you that he misses you and is willing to fly to be there with you and for you.

He tells you his sob stories.

This will be followed by stories of his woes and difficulties to get a visa, flight ticket, passport, etc. because he can't cash his money. To show that he is genuine, he'll send you a cashier's check or a money order and ask you cash it in your country and wire to him and sometimes to an accomplice of his who is living in your country.

By the time the bank detects that it is fake check, you've parted with your cash and will never get it back. And you might get yourself in bigger trouble for the counterfeit check.

Internet Dating Scams - How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Be overly cautious and prudent of internet dating scams. Once you start an online relationship with someone, search his name, email address and even his chat and messenger ID through Google. If you can't find anything, copy and paste part of his email and search in Google to see if there is a match. Scammers usually target several victims at the same time and use the same scripts or emails to woo. If you want to bait him, open a new email account, use a fake name and write to him telling him that you want to get to know him. Look at his answer and response.

Another way is to check the IP address. He may say that he is residing in Australia but his IP might show that he is in another country. Other telling signs that he is a scammer are when he tells you that he is in love with you but doesn't really show his interest in you nor want to know about you. He won't answer personal questions about him but will tell you what he does or have done. Take note of all the discrepancies in his emails.

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