International Travel Tips

Check these international travel tips and oversea travel advice before you make your trip and go off for your vacation.

International travel tips No. 1 - Is the country safe to visit?

Before making your decision on your travel destination, find out if it is a safe or dangerous country to visit. Assess the level of risk and security situation that might affect your safety. You should also find out if there is any health risk involved due to outbreaks like the bird flu or the H1N1 flu. Once you have sufficient information, decide whether you should go ahead with your plan or reconsider traveling to another country.

The best place to check is your country's government website. It will provide you with all the international travel tips, advice and hints.

International travel tips No. 2 - Find out about the local laws and cultural differences.

Find out everything about the country from the local laws, weather, cultural differences, language, currency laws and so on. The information will make it easier for you to prepare accordingly and know what to expect.

Other things that you should also check and make the necessary arrangements are your driving permit. Is it valid in the country you are visiting or do you need to apply for an international driving license?

International travel tips No. 3 - Check the validity of your passport.

Your passport should be valid at least for six months. Even if it is, it's best that you renew it. Unforeseen circumstances can happen and you might get yourself in trouble. If you have dual nationality or hold two passports, it's wise that you check with the country's embassy.

If you are bringing your child along, make sure that your child, including an infant, has her own passport to travel overseas. Both parent's consent are required before a passport is issued so you will have to get your former husband to agree with it.

International travel tips No. 4 - Sort your visa.

Visit the country's embassy, high commission or consulate near you or talk to your travel agent to find out the visa requirements, the document that you must bring along and sort them out early. You should be aware that even if your visa is approved, it's not a guarantee that you will be allowed entry into that country. If the country's authorities are suspicious of your intention, they may deny your entry. So when filling in your visa application form, write honestly about your intention.

International travel tips No. 5 - Get international travel insurance.

You should have an insurance coverage when you are traveling overseas. This is to cover you against illness, unexpected medical cost, for your hospital treatment, medical evacuation or any injury that might happen during your holiday. It is definitely necessary if you are planning to go for an overseas adventure travel. Many credit cards provide insurance coverage but don't take it for granted that your credit card cover you while you are overseas. Call the bank or intuition to find out.

Do a medical checkup.

Even if you think you are healthy and fit, go for a medical checkup before you go for your holiday. And if you have high risk of getting DVT or formation of blood clots in the veins of your leg due to a prolonged period of inactivity from a long flight, consult your doctor for advice and recommendations.

Vaccination and inoculation requirements.

Check if you have to get an inoculation before you enter the country you are visiting, Your doctor will determine if you need one.

If you are on medication.

If you are on medication, find out from the country's embassy, consulate or high commission if the medicines you are bringing in are legal. If they are banned medicines but you need them for your personal use or for your child, get a letter from your doctor. This letter must state specifically for whom it's for, why you need them, how much you will be taking and other details.

Secure your personal and travel documents.

Make two copies of your passport, credit cards, visa, traveler's check, etc. Bring along a copy of each and leave another set with someone at home. And protect your passport at all cost.

Financial options.

Bring along cash, credit cards and traveler's check with you when you travel overseas. This will allow you to have other options in case you have a problem with one. Before you go for your vacation, check with your local banks on the availability and the location of automatic teller machines or ATM in the city that you are going to stay. Ensure that you have checked the currency of the country you are visiting and are prepared with sufficient cash.

What you can't carry or bring along.

Every country has strict laws. Don't ever carry illegal drugs. Some countries carry a death sentence if you are found carrying them. Make sure that you are aware of the things that you can't bring along with you on board the airline and also into the country.

Declare at the entry point and exit points.

Some countries have restrictions to the amount of cash you can bring in and out. There are also countries that require that you declare the amount of money you bring in. Find out what else you need to declare. And remember that you have to pay departure tax. So make sure you have enough cash in the country's currency. Follow the laws and regulations to stay out of trouble.

Meet your exit date.

Your visa will state the duration of stay that you are allowed in a country. Make sure you meet this date or will be charged for overstaying. Make sure you call the airline to reconfirm your flight back and be aware of any incident or situation that might affect your stay and flight.

Other international travel tips.

Before you leave, find out where your country's embassy or consulate is located and keep the contact number. You should also get the website address and register your details online. Remember to also register an email address, if you haven't yet, so that you can be contacted. And let your family members know how to contact or locate you. Remember to abide by the country's cultural sensitivities.

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