How to Flirt

How to flirt with a guy. Free flirting tips, advice and technique for single women.

Flirting is often the prelude to a fun and meaningful relationship. However, despite its importance, not all women have mastered this fine art.

Flirting is the stage that lies between too shy and too bold. Flirting is to a relationship what salt is to food. Don't overdo it and don't under do it either. And this principle should apply to all aspects of flirting that includes your attire, your behavior and what you say.


Not all of us are 6 feet tall, blonde and curvy. But that certainly does not mean that you should not accentuate your assets with the right clothes. So the most important of all flirting tips is that you make an effort. A skirt that is just an inch shorter, a blouse that fits perfectly around your bust will go a long way in getting you those appreciative looks.

Don't try to be what you are not. Work on what you naturally have. Contrary to most women's perception, not all men want to go for the supermodels but if you are interested in somebody, show it, dress up nice for yourself and for him.

If you are a woman who does not wear makeup, this may be a good time to invest in some. Don't go overboard with blood red lipstick and make a transition from plain Jane to Marilyn Monroe in a day. It will be a little hard to digest and you may end up scaring the guy. Take it slow.

With your appearance all taken care of, let's talk about the other ways on how to flirt.

Eye contact is an extremely important part of the flirting game and one of the most effective flirting signals. If a guy you are interested in is standing across the room, give him frequent looks. Don't stare or ogle blatantly like a stalker, just fleeting glances in his direction should do the trick. Flirting and sensuality are depicted through your eyes more than any other organ of your body.

Most men will wait to get a sign of approval from you in the form of a smile before walking over to you. So get ready to put those pearly whites on display. There is nothing more alluring than an honest, warm smile that starts at the lips but reaches the eyes.

And to get that perfectly enchanting smile, you will have to feel happy on the inside. So start by thinking about everything that is wonderful about being you. Giving yourself a negative lecture on how no guy is ever going to go out with a girl in glasses isn't going to help. If a particular part of your personality annoys you, don't let it vex you forever. Go ahead and do something about it.

Another very important how to flirt technique that will make you a flirting superstar is your mastery of small talk. Read a little about the world of sports, business, politics etc. You are not trying to be a professor here, just small talk so just touch the topic and let it go don't get into an in depth discussion.

Finally how you say, what you say will make a world's difference. Don't shout and you don't have to be all throaty and breathy either. A pleasant tone with soft, deep voice should be good enough.

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