How to Attract Men

So you are looking for tips on how to attract men. What do you want out of it? Are you thinking of developing a meaningful relationship? Are you just looking for companionship or maybe, flings? Are you into younger men or prefer someone your age?

Dr Pat Allen has a good piece of advice on how to attract guys. According to her, "It's all marketing. If you're marketing for the bad boys, you dress for sex. If you market to the good boys, you dress for the family."

That is a good tip to start with. The way you dress will somehow make a man think what's in your mind, how you view yourself and what you are expecting.

The other way on how to attract a man and get noticed is to have a pleasant and attractive personality. Having the looks is an added advantage. It doesn't matter if he is an Aries, Scorpion or Capricorn man. Almost all men like women who smile, are friendly, confident and look happy.

Guys can spot you even in a crowd, if you dress well, look good, have a pleasing personality and exert and air of exuberance. People just love those who can laugh and make them laugh or smile. It also shows that you have self respect and feel worthy. And once you get a guy's attention and start to communicate, you can display your other good personalities and attributes.

One of the reasons why some women find it difficult to attract a guy is because without them being aware of it, they put some sort of invisible guard or barrier that exerts an air of aloofness. They make themselves unapproachable through their gestures and body language.

So here's another tip on how to attract men, flirt subtly. Use hand gestures, move your body in congruent with your talk and use a lot of eye contact flirting. Don't make it too obvious if you enjoy the thrills.

A good tip on how to attract men is to become a good listener. Pay attention and show your warmth and friendly nature towards him. Men enjoy being in the company of a woman who laughs at his jokes and find him funny and interesting. And if you can speak at his level, you will make him feel proud that he has found someone smart and who understands him.

Some things to avoid are being clingy or needy, probing into his personal life and not giving him his space especially if you just got to know a guy. This comes back to lacking in self confidence and self esteem. It shows that you are insecure and it can turn him off.

Don't lose yourself just because you've found someone. Keep your poise and your group of friends. Do the things that you usually do before you met him and have a life of your own. He'll see you as someone independent and self assured. Avoid talking about your personal problems and issues or previous relationships. Show that you are optimistic and buoyant and have a positive outlook about life and people.

What do you find attractive in a man?

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