Home Security Tips for Your Safety at Home

Here are home security tips for single women living alone in single family homes, or with young children, to feel safe at home.

Although it's nice to stay in single family homes with a yard or garden and a garage, you have to take extra safety precautions compared to living in an apartment or a condominium. The most common threat is burglary or theft. If the criminals are aware of your single status and lifestyle, you become an easier target for them to stalk and to break into your home. They'll rob and there is a possibility that they will harm you and those living with you.

You can prevent break-in by taking preventive measures. Burglars want easy access and the most convenient way. If you make it difficult for them, they won't bother because they don't have much time unless they know that your house is empty and nobody's watching.

In order to have safe home security you may have to install home security systems like burglar alarms, motion sensor lights and other electronic devices.

Home Security Tips - Before You Decide

Determine your requirement and budget.

Installing a home security system is costly. So before you install any, look at your budget and think of what type of system you need and how you can cut cost.

Survey your perimeter and check inside your house.

Walk around the perimeter of your house and identify areas and openings that are easily accessible for intruders to break in. Check for possible hiding places. Check all door knobs, window latches, locks, hinges and door and window frames. Look and see if passers-by and your neighbors can see what's happening inside your house in full view.

Identify specific location to install electronic devices.

Once you've done that, go through your house layout plan and mark strategic areas that require lighting, motion sensors, alarms or home security cameras. Then get a security audit and discuss home security tips with him with and ask for more guide and suggestions and the cost for security for the home.

Before you call the expert, these home security tips might help.

Home Security Tips - What are Where to Install Home Security Devices


Fix motion sensor light at areas outside your house that is totally dark. Trim shrubs and bushes that burglars can easily hide behind. Remove ladders and any other things that will make it easy for someone to climb up to your upper floor. You may also want to consider fixing a motion sensor light and alarm at your garage even though your car is already installed with an auto anti theft device.

Doors .

Use heavy duty deadbolt locks on your entry doors. Make sure your doors are made of heavy duty wood or metal so that a burglar will have difficulty trying to break or kick them. Install burglar or intruder alarms and motions sensor lights on the outside. Avoid having glass panel on your back door. It's easy for intruders to break it. If you're having a sliding door, you can use security pins or a long stick and place it on the bottom railing to block intruders from pushing and opening it.



Add grill or braces on your windows and fix burglar alarms including your upper floor windows especially if you always leave them opened. Plant thorny scrubs below your windows.

Child's bedroom.

If your young child is sleeping in his own bedroom, get a baby monitor so that you are aware of any sound or noise coming from the room. If you have a children's playroom, you can fix a video surveillance system and place the monitor where you can have watch while you are doing your chores.

Home Security Tips - Preventive Measures

Keep your outside lights on every night.

Keep your lights on every night even if you are away. Get a light timer and fix a time when it will automatically turn on and off. Burglars won't know if you are away if you have the habit to turn it on nightly.

Cancel newspaper subscription.

Bad guys who have the intention to rob will feel happy if they know that you are away. To avoid this from happening, make sure you cancel your daily newspaper subscription or any other indicators that your house is empty.

Keep your phone near you when you sleep.

Put your telephone somewhere within your reach. In case you hear funny and weird noises, you can immediately reach it and call or message for help.

Become friends with your neighbors.

Get to know your neighbors and keep their telephone numbers. In case of emergency, they are the nearest to you.

Keep all emergency numbers.

Store all the emergency numbers in your mobile phone or a phone book and keep it where you can easily get a hold of when you need them.

Inform your neighbors if you are planning to be away.

Let your neighbors know that you'll be away and request them to keep a watch on your residence. Let them have your number so that they can contact you. Also let them know if you are or aren't expecting anyone to turn up while you're away.

Join the neighborhood watch group.

If there is a neighborhood watch group, join it. This kind of community will help look after each other's home security.

Think of an escape route.

If an intruder manage to enter your house and you are locked in your bedroom, is there another way for you to exit. Think of all the possibilities and the options.

Keep your doors locked at all times.

For your home alone safety, keep all entrance doors locked even when you're home. During the night make sure your windows are also locked and curtains closed. Don't leave your keys at the door and don't put or hang them near windows or where anyone can reach them.

Keep a watch dog.

Keep a watch dog. It also makes good company. When the dog sense strangers nearby it'll bark and this will drive an intruder away. If you don't want to own a dog, you can hire one. But the dog usually comes with a handler and you have to pay for both. You might want to hire this dog guarding service only when you are away for a long period or specifically for night surveillance.


Get security protection.

If you want additional security protection, hire a security guard at night. Instruct him to do patrolling around your house at irregular hours. A burglar will find the guard a hindrance and may not want to bother having to go through the trouble.

Make sure you know who has your house keys.

If you've rented out one of your rooms and the tenant has moved out, make sure you change your lock. Although the previous occupant may not have any bad intention and have returned the key, taking precaution is safer.

Guard your privacy.

Only let your trusted friends and family know that there is no man in the house or that your are living alone or with your children. If you've just started dating or in a new relationship, don't bring your date home. It's for you and your child's safety because he might be a pervert.

Be vigilant.

One of the most important home security tips is this; be vigilant of your surroundings and be alert always. Before entering your compound, look around. If you suspect something amiss, don't drive in. Before you enter your house or your car, get your keys ready so that you won't have to search.

And here is one last home security tips. Report any suspicious activity to the police, or if you notice anyone following you or a stalled car outside your home. Don't walk alone at night no matter how familiar you are with the surroundings. If you are carrying your baby, carry him in a sling or carrier and have all your personal stuff in a bag that's convenient to carry.

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