Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease in women is a very serious condition today. Women's heart disease is one of the top causes of death every year.

Fortunately women and heart disease do not have to walk hand in hand. There are some heart healthy tips you can apply to your life every day that will help lower your chances of becoming one of the statistics of a heart failure.


So what causes heart disease in women?

One of the main reasons for heart ailments is improper diet. By knowing which foods are healthiest to eat, you can dramatically decrease you chances of acquiring related heart health problems. Eating lots of vegetables, lean meats, and cutting out unnecessary fats can help keep your heart in tip top shape. Cut back on greasy foods by baking instead of frying. You can also substitute high fat, high calorie desserts with fresh fruits. Taking control of your diet can improve your health and strengthen your heart.

Another heart healthy tip that can keep your heart at its healthiest is by getting regular exercise. Any exercise, whether easy or vigorous, helps keep your heart pumping at a healthy level and keep blood flow through the arteries moving smoothly. Starting a weekly exercise routine can be one of the best steps to take to avoid the disorder.

Taking healthy supplements daily can also be a great way to avoid diseases related to the heart and its proper functioning. Many of these supplements are available in convenient tablet or capsule form that can be taken once daily with a full glass of water. The best known supplements for promoting heart health are fish oil and omega-3 supplements. Omega-3 will help stabilize your heart. Taking just one of these supplement capsules daily can keep your heart healthy and also keep cholesterol levels where they should be.

Stress is another one of the causes of heart disease in women. You must take control by refusing to let stressors be a part of your life. Putting yourself first can make a huge difference in to your emotional and mental wellbeing. Make sure you get plenty of rest and don't allow others to bring unexpected burdens on you or take advantage of you.

You can find several tips for reducing stress on this page.

A good habit is to have regular checkups with your family doctor. Your physician can help keep track of the condition of your heart and advice you on the symptoms of a heart disease or attack. Among the most common symptoms are extreme fatigue, shortness of breath and dizziness. Your doctor will also offer advice about your diet and exercise plan and also provide heart healthy tips on how to keep stress levels at a minimum in your life.

By incorporating these healthy heart tips into your life, you will see a huge change in how you feel both physically, emotionally and mentally.

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