How to be Happy Alone

You can be happy alone once you get used to it and have learned to enjoy your own company. But before you reach this stage, you will likely go through some pains associated with loneliness. Once you triumph over it and begin to like your alone time, you will find it a pleasure and might not be willing to give it up.

But quite a number of single women get tired of being and feeling alone and jumped into a relationship. Age and level of maturity are some of the factors that determine how soon a woman adapts to living alone but not lonely. Some women find that they are happier and better off alone than being in a relationship.

What to Do While Home Alone

Start over with a list of goals.

The number one tip to be happy alone is to start over. Start writing a list of goals, the things that you want to have, do and become. Don't stop to think about it or worry about whether you can acquire them. At this point of time, just write anything that you fancy and want. Make it a long list.

Put a time line next to each goal. Determine whether it'll take you a year, three years or ten years to accomplish each one. You now have a list of short, medium and long range goals.

Pick four of the most important goals that you want to achieve in the next twelve months. Then write the reasons why you want to accomplish these goals. If you are stuck on the reasons, ask yourself either one of these two questions. "Why do I want this ...?" or "What for ...?" Write as many reasons as you can think of.

Then write a list of things you can do immediately to get going. If you have very powerful reasons, your mind will help you come up with ideas. Start the process and you will find yourself moving ahead with a new determination.

List your previous accomplishments.

List all your previous accomplishments. What have you done that you were proud of? Write down your strengths and positive qualities too. One of the reasons for doing this exercise is to remind you that you have done things well and have the capabilities. Your focus is now on your good qualities instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

Think back on how you have managed to accomplish those goals. What were your beliefs then? What did you do to make things happen? If you can succeed once, you can do it again.

Try new and different things.

Can you play a musical instrument? Have you joined the blog craze and started blogging. Have you tried doing cross stitch or playing Sudoku? How about trying to complete a 3000 pieces jigsaw puzzle in an allocated time frame? These are some of the things that you can do alone and after you've started, will find it difficult to stop.

You can enroll in a learning to play the guitar class and practice it at home. Or you can buy a book and learn on your own. Building a website or blogging is another activity that will keep you very occupied. Soon you will find yourself happy alone earning an extra income which you can use to go on a vacation or buy something for yourself. There are numerous topics you can choose to write about.

Keep a journal.

Journal writing is one of the best ways to learn about you. At the end of the day, write down the activities that you did and how you respond to people and situations. Read through your journal every few months and you'll discover your patterns of thoughts and state of mind. You will also be able to see your own growth, what makes you tick and the things that make you happy alone.

Read a lot.

How many books have you read in the last 90 days? There are so many things that you can gather from reading. Once you've developed this habit, you'll lose track of time.

Keep your mind positive.

To be happy alone, you mustn't dwell on your past especially those that put you down and make you feel bitter. Close the door shut, look ahead and imagine a better future.

Practice using your creative imagination together with positive affirmations to override unpleasant thoughts and self talk. And avoid allowing people who are pessimist and negative into your life.

Pamper yourself.

Pamper yourself with special treats. Take bubble baths, listen to soothing music, do a manicure or whatever else that makes you feel good.

Organize your home and personal life.

Being single and living alone allow you to be yourself. This means you can choose to be disorganized and care less about how you live or make the best of your living condition. But mess, clutter and neglecting your personal hygiene will eventually affect the way you feel.

One of the ways to be happy alone is to develop good and healthy habits and making it a way of life. Every now and then redecorate your home. Make your bachelorette's pad a place you feel proud about. Practice healthy living and look after your personal hygiene.

Get involved with life.

Keep yourself busy in the day. Do work that you love, join communities or clubs or do volunteer work. Keeping yourself active in sports activities or exercising is good and healthy. Exercise releases natural chemical that will make you feel happy.

At the end of the day, you'll feel good to be finally home and happy alone to rest and relax without any interruptions.

Relax your body and mind.

One of the easiest ways to relax your mind is to practice taking deep breathing. Breathing exercise leads to physical relaxation and releases your anxieties and worries.

You can learn to breathe right and relax by doing yoga exercise or deep relaxation hypnosis. But the easiest method is to sit straight or lie down with both your hands on your side. Breathe deeply through your nose and inhale from your stomach. Feel your stomach rising. Hold for a few seconds and breathe out slowly through your mouth.

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