Growing Roses

How about growing roses in your garden? It's not only a relaxing past time but it will provide your home with a beautiful landscape. Climbing roses for example when grown over a trellis will add color to your wall, fence or shed. Before you start with your rose gardening hobby, take a look at the varieties and types of roses available.

Roses come in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple, black and pink. Each color has a different meaning when it comes as a gift and is usually associated with romance. The red rose for example symbolizes love. Pink roses are meant to show gratitude and white roses represent joy. Yellow roses signify friendship and orange roses may symbolize excitement.


There are more than 100 types of roses and among them are grandifloras, polyantha, old antique roses, rose shrubs, miniature roses and climbing roses. If you don't like the thorns, there are roses with no thorns.

Each variety of roses has its own feature and uniqueness. The pimpinellifolia for example is the bush type and has beautiful foliage. This compact bush produces pink, red, yellow and white blossoms. If you are new at growing roses, this variety is a good choice to begin with.

One type of climbing rose is the boursault roses. The flowers are large and the plant grown in clusters. You will get pink and red blossoms from this species. Another one that belongs to the climbing species is the sempervirens roses. The flowers are small and come in white and pink. Other climbing roses are the setigera and wichuraiana.

One of the things you have to do once you start planting roses is to prune them at the right time and using the right tools. If you don't prune, they'll get tangled and this will produce small blooms. Other than pruning, growing roses is one of the easiest hobbies to partake because you don't have to give it much attention because they are quite resistant to diseases. And you don't need to be very particular about the soil condition when you plant them.

The type of roses that is suitable for your garden depends on what you want. If you would like to make them as an archway, plant the tall growing tea roses. If you want to add color to your external fa├žade, choose the climbing roses. If you want to have them as hedges, pick the shrub roses. Whatever you choose, mix the colors to add beauty, variety and a vibrant garden.

So start planting your roses and enjoy your new hobby. If you need ideas and tips, get the guide to growing roses. You'll gain lots of information including which roses are the easiest to grow, simple ways to transplant your roses and how to select plants according to color, fragrance and hardiness.

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