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Why not go backpacking to add some excitement and adventure to your single life? Backpacking is fun and provides exercise while you enjoy the world around you for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. When you decide to go backpacking it is important to know what kind of supplies to bring as well as any helpful backpacking tips.

Some basic backpacking tips that everyone should follow concern attire and shoes. Make sure you have a good pair of hiking boots because sneakers or sandals won't cut it. After hiking for just a couple of hours with the wrong type of shoes, your feet will start to hurt and eventually blister. This will make the trek back very dangerous and painful.

Bring extra socks so if your socks get wet you can change them, keeping your feet dry. Always dress in layers as well especially for long or overnight hikes and wear pants even on short hikes. By wearing pants you can protect your skin from bug bites as well as unnecessary cuts and scrapes from thicker vegetation.

Wearing layers also protects you from unexpected weather changes and keeps you warm when the temperature starts to drop. Always bring a lightweight jacket to help protect against sudden temperature drops and if possible have a jacket that is rated for severe cold.

When you go backpacking, always bring sunscreen, bug spray, and a first aid kit. These are some of your most important gear to bring next to clothing. Use the sunscreen and bug spray as directed and save yourself from being uncomfortable from burns and bug bites.

If possible stock your first aid kit with extra disinfectant for any nicks or cuts you may get. If you are unsure what to have in your kit or feel your first aid kit is incomplete, consider buying a complete kit sold in many stores before you go backpacking.

The next items on your list are camping gears. This includes a good sleeping bag that is rated for extreme low temperatures and a tent. Other essential gear includes some cookware, stove, and fuel for the stove. A great backpacking tip is to bring food that just needs to be heated and served as well as healthy snacks such as dried fruits and granola. For a little treat bring some chocolate for extra energy.

Other essentials to bring include feminine hygiene products, toilet paper, dental floss, flashlight, waterproof matches, a mirror, and a knife. Also bring canteens and a water filter in case you run out of fresh water.

Now that your bag and gear is setup it's time to go hiking right? Wrong! Before you go backpacking you need a few more things that are extremely important. Get a waterproof map, a compass, and a GPS locator if possible.

Get another map and mark your backpacking route and then give it to a good friend or relative as well as telling them how long you expect to be gone backpacking. This should be done on any trip but especially for solo trips, though it isn't advisable to go alone This way if something does happen you know someone knows where you are and can send help if you are late coming back.

Now you are ready for your backpacking trip and to have a great time. Bring a camera to take pictures as you hike and enjoy your vacation away from home. With proper backpacking gear and supplies you can have a fun and safe experience and come back refresh.

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