Garage Sales Tips

How to have a garage sale? Here are some garage sales tips and garage sales pricing guide.

Over the years, stuff can really begin to pile up around the house. In fact before you know it every free space will be overtaken with odds and ends. A garage sale is the perfect way to rid yourself of a ton of unwanted clutter while at the same time earning some much-needed cash.

Take a walk through your house today. Do you see some areas that are overflowing with potential garage sale pieces? If you were thinking of selling your collection, you may want to check out a few of the garage sale tips below.

Garage Sales Tips - Organizing a Garage Sale

The first thing you will want to do is begin organizing your sale. Decide when, where and how long you would like to have the sale and if there are any friends or family who would like to contribute some items. They might even volunteer to help run the sale, especially if they are reaping the rewards of their own sales.

Next, make some definite garage sale piles. Separate clothes, shoes, knick-knacks, furniture, toys and whatever else you may have for your sale. People will be much more inclined to purchase when things look neat and orderly, because they will feel like you have taken the time to care for your belongings. Besides items placed haphazardly all over the yard simply looks terrible.

Once you have a good start on organizing a garage sale it is time to pick up a few items from the store. While you do not have to buy your signs and tags, it will make your life much easier if you do. What you need are tags, tape, signs, notebook for records, a pen and plenty of change. Ones, fives and tens along with each denomination of change are a necessity.

Garage Sales Tips - Garage Sales Pricing

People love to buy from garage sales because the prices are really cheap and the qualities of the things sold are good. So your price tags on the goods you are selling will also determine how fast you make your sales.

You can price your old dresses, blouses and skirts for about $3 to $5 dollars. If your jeans, clothing, handbags or shoes are new, you may want to put higher prices. But the price tags shouldn't be more that 25% of the price that you paid for. If you put the prices higher, people may bargain and it's up to you to decide whether you are willing to reduce them.

If you have baby clothes that you want to get rid of, sell them real cheap like $0.50 to a dollar per piece. Or you can bundle them up in threes and put a $5.00 price tag. When it comes to furniture and electrical items, you can check on eBay for example, to look at how much people are selling. Or you can list your items on eBay and see the response.

Garage Sales Tips - Setting Up

One of the best garage sale tips you will ever hear is to use plenty of tables. Customers are not going to get down on the ground to go through your items. Several well-placed tables will set your garage sale off right. If you do not have large tables or simply do not have enough, you can make a pseudo table out of a couple of sawhorses and a large piece of plywood. When you make your own table, it is a good idea to cover it with a couple of cheap tablecloths, particularly if you are displaying folded clothing.

Keep Track

Many times several families will come together for yard sale or garage sale events. This is a good idea for many reasons but primarily because people love these types of garage sales. And if you are going to all the trouble to organize a garage sale you definitely want plenty of customers. Keeping track of everything that is sold is extremely important when you have several people or families coming together. Peel and stick tags are perfect for this as each person can initial the tag and when a sale is made the tags can be transferred to a piece of paper for records.


Garage sales tips like the ones above can mean the difference between a successful stress free sale and a fine mess. Organizing a garage sale does not have to be difficult but it does require a little planning and structure. Do not forget to advertise your sale, you can do this free with premade signs but a newspaper advertisement is the best.

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