How to Get a Flat Stomach

There are two healthy ways to get flat abs. One of them is to do flat stomach exercise regularly. You can view three stomach flattening exercises videos by clicking on the link. The other thing you must do at the same time is to stick to a flat abs diet.

A flat abs diet comprises of foods that help remove the flab around your waist. These foods should contain fiber, antioxidants and protein. Among the foods that fall in this category are almonds, eggs, soy, apples, berries, green vegetables, yogurt and salmon. You should include these foods in your diet daily and avoid foods that contain high amount of calories and saturated fats.


Nuts for example is an alternative to animal protein and they don't have fats that will clog your arteries. Unless you have high cholesterol, eggs are healthy because they provide you with amino acid and make you feel full instead of eating bagels for breakfast. Fruits and vegetables are known for its health benefits. And so are yogurts, salmon and berries.

One of the best ways to succeed in getting a flat stomach is to follow the advice of someone who has achieved the result that you want. David Zinczenko has proven that his abs diet for women is able to flatten bellies and firm up the body in six weeks. His diet plan consist of 12 foods that he called the powerfoods. The foods are as follows:

  1. Almonds and other nuts

  2. Beans and legumes

  3. Spinach and other green veggies

  4. Low fat or fat free dairy

  5. Instant oatmeal

  6. Eggs

  7. Turkey and other lean meats

  8. Peanut butter

  9. Olive oil

  10. Whole-grain bread and cereal

  11. Extra-protein powder

  12. Raspberries and other berries

This flat stomach diet entails that you eat six meals but small portion of food daily. The reason behind it is that eating regular meals will prevent you from cheating and it helps satisfy your hunger. Because your food is in small portions, there are fewer calories and it will help you boost your metabolism.

One of the best things about the abs diet for women is it allows you to eat whatever you want for one meal each week. You can indulge in any of your favorite food and not follow the diet's guideline for this one meal. Another advantage of following this flat stomach diet plan is it allows you to get used to the eating plan for the first two weeks before introducing the stomach exercises.

The exercises focus on circuit training which consists of a series of strength building exercises done at fast pace but short workouts. These exercises keep your heart rate up and burn fat. In addition it includes exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. You are required to work out for about 20 minutes a day, three times a week.

So if you plan to get a flat stomach fast, you might want to try the abs diet for women. After the six weeks, you would already have adapted to the changes in your diet and should be able to continue with it and maintain a flat tummy.

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