First Date Questions

What are some of the first date questions to ask and first date conversation topics to talk about?

Meeting someone for the first time and trying to break the ice requires some thinking and planning. You are aware that you aren't supposed to say certain things but how do you make the first date conversation starters? Though it's expected that the guy you are dating would initiate the conversation, you must prepare yourself just in case he is lost for words.

What are the questions to ask on a first date and once you have started, how do you continue so that you don't have to go through a few moments of dead silence? If you are the shy type, this situation will make you feel awkward.

Before you proceed with your first date questions and first date talk, put yourself in a relaxed state of mind. Remember that you are on a date and not in an interview session. Be yourself, meaning don't put up a false front and trying to be who you aren't. Next, show that you are a friendly person, interested to hold a conversation and to listen.

Remind yourself that you are dating because both of you are trying to get to know each other better. You already know something about each other through the telephone conversations and emails and this meeting is to find out if you are compatible. Try to remember his interests, hobbies and goals from the conversations that you have had before meeting face to face. You'll find it easier to have some good conversation topics based on these.

Some good first date questions are:

  1. What is your favorite music, band, singers, television shows, movies etc?

  2. What do you do during your spare time, on weekends, weeknights?

  3. What is your favorite food or drink? Where do you usually dine?

  4. What's your hobby, interest, passion?

He'll probably ask you these kinds of questions too. These are topics that when you start will keep the conversation going because it will go back and forth and it is suppose to work that way. You can also talk about your goals and aspirations, things you would like to try and topics on current issues on your first date. Whatever it is, keep the subjects fun and where both of you can exchange views.

The topics that you should avoid are on politics, religion and sensitive issues. These topics might bring about disagreements and arguments. You must avoid talking about your past relationships. If he were to ask, gently tell him that it isn't a good idea. You too shouldn't probe his past life. If you are dating a divorced man or a single father, don't ask him why his previous marriage failed. Keep your conversations positive and don't put yourself or your date down.

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