First Date Advice

First date advice and first date tips for women.

If you have already agreed to meet a guy face to face for the first time after communicating through emails and telephone conversations, you will probably feel nervous. Questions like what should you be wearing, what to talk about and how to react are some of those going through your mind.


He is most likely feeling the same and wondering how to break the ice, what to talk about throughout the meeting and what kind of fun activities to do on this first date. Probably he's looking for some information on first date advice and dating etiquettes so that he can impress you.

The outcome of the first date will determine if there'll be a second and so forth. So both you and he are likely trying to figure out the best way to make a first impression to maximize the odds of success.

The number one first date advice you must heed is to consider your personal safety. Click here for safe dating tips. The next thing to think of is the way you dress and look. Although it sounds superficial, appearance and first impression matter a lot. When it comes to dressing, wear something that is appropriate and suit the occasion. If you are going out in the afternoon, something more casual is better than an evening wear.

Wear something you are comfortable in but stylish, with a little accessory. Avoid attire that shows too much skin because you might give the wrong message. Don't overdo on your makeup and get your hair neatly done. Many guys can tell if a woman have confidence and esteem from the way she dresses herself.

Although most dates happen in the evening or at night, meeting during the day on a first date is not a bad idea. There are many fun first date activities to do in the day like going for bowling, to the beach, to a carnival, etc. Night time dates carry a more serious atmosphere and you might want to go to the bar or a dance.

Your date will probably ask what you would like to do together. Give him your suggestions instead of leaving it up to him to decide. If you have been communicating before meeting up for your first date, both of you will know a bit about each other's interest and what you both mutually enjoy. If you want to get to know him better, going to the movies is not a good idea. You will be stuck for at least two hours without having a conversation.

Before you meet him, have some ideas on what questions that you want to ask him and what topics to talk about. Don't probe into his love life or his past relationships. Expect that he'll ask you questions and determine beforehand how much information that you are willing to give. When you are prepared, you won't have to go through the discomforts of trying to find what to say.

Observe his manners, behavior, attitude, body language and personal presentation. Does he show that he has social grace, have a genuine smile and a good sense of humor? Does he show that he is interested to know about you and ask you questions or does he talk a lot about himself or his past relationship? Does he make eye contact when he talks? Is he clean and hygienic? Does he offer to pay for your meal?

Relax, be approachable, honest and your best self. He is also observing you. Be aware of your body language and gestures. Try to avoid making any embarrassing remark or put yourself in a situation where you'll regret.

Another first date advice that you will find useful is to mentally prepare yourself to accept that this date might not work as you anticipated. He might look and sound interesting before you meet him, but he doesn't turn out as you expected. When this happens, find an appropriate time to excuse yourself and make the meeting short.

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