Fear of Being Alone

The fear of being alone is different from the fear of living alone. If you are scared to live on your own, you can get a housemate. If it's because of the community, you can move out and rent a place which makes you feel safer and secured.

This fear has to do with the fear of abandonment which was likely developed during childhood. Any child who was left alone whether purposely or unintentionally, and was traumatized by it, will be scared to be alone throughout her life unless she gets counseling or therapy.

The fear of being alone causes emotional attachment and over dependence. It'll make you stick to a bad relationship because you believe you are helpless on your own and can't manage. And if you are abandoned by your spouse, you will find someone else to fill in the void. This is because you want to avoid feeling alone and unloved.

Being in a relationship will provide some relief but it doesn't get rid of the fear. You can remove it by getting clear of the reason behind it, forgive the person who has caused it and start to accept and heal yourself. If you don't overcome the fear, you will have difficulty living the single life and it can lead to anxiety and depression. Instead of making the most of your life and enjoying your existence, your focus is on feeling lonely, abandoned and neglected.

You can overcome the fear of being scared alone. You may need to get help from a therapist if the fear is severe and causes panic attack. Otherwise, you can try any self help program such as emotional freedom technique or the tapping solution, self hypnosis or guided meditation.

Another helpful solution is to develop yourself spiritually. Feeling connected to god is comforting. Even when you are physically alone, you know that there is a higher power within and also surrounding you. You will feel protected and loved, knowing that god is watching over you.

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