Empty Nest Syndrome

Most moms don't like to see their children leave home. Empty nest syndrome may set in with a vengeance in some instances. Children go off to college, get married or just move out on their own. Emptiness is felt especially if you are a single mother.

It is normal to feel sad when your kid leaves home. Visiting your daughter or son's bedroom and a brief cry is also normal. These are all natural feelings. The sadness will surface as it does with most loss and changes in life.

While these are normal, the extremes are not. Remember that your own life still exists. It has not ended. You shouldn't allow yourself to stop visiting friends or feel it necessary to stay home from work. Symptoms such as these or excessive crying do require some type of treatment. Counseling may assist in getting your feelings into a better perspective.

It is a difficult period in a single mother's life. Menopause may also be a contributing factor. All of these are life changing and usually come around about the same time. If your symptoms of menopause are greatly affecting you, consult with your physician. There are medications and support groups to help you through this time.

Cutting the apron strings will eventually make things easier. Although keeping in touch is important and so is mothering, smothering is not. Your child has enough confidence in her abilities to make the big move. Give yourself some credit for your accomplishment in raising your child on your own.

Support is necessary, but don't overdue. Too much clinging or communication that is excessive could actually push your kid away. Initially calls shouldn't be than twice per week. Email and phone texting may be better forms of communication and less intrusive.

Lean on your friends for support. There is always the possibility that your friends have been or are in the same boat.

Pamper yourself a bit. A trip to a massage therapist or the spa may be in order. It's especially good now that you don't have a strict time schedule for dinner or other family activities that included your child.

Empty nest syndrome can manifest in so many emotional ways. Problems occur if they go untreated and lead to physical problems as well. Seeking the advice of a physician or friends that have gone through it can be very beneficial.

There is a good possibility that you are just half way through your life and your identity has changed a bit. You are no longer primarily mom on a daily basis. You are very special and need to concentrate on that fact. Redefine your life in this new roll and do something special with this new found freedom. Don't let empty nest syndrome dominate your life for prolonged periods. You are in control and can do whatever your means will allow you to do.

Finding new excitement can definitely ward off the symptoms and issues of empty nest syndrome. You may want to start dating again or get back to the social circle. Or you may want to consider taking up a new hobby or activity. Remember that your life must go on.

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