Email Dating Tips

Email dating tips, how to respond to the first online dating email and the following ones.

Once someone finds your online dating profile interesting, he will email you. You have now secured yourself a potential date. Your next step is to write your first introductory email to respond to his. In online dating, the first piece of mail is an important one. He will make his first impression of you based on this.

No matter how excited you are, don't respond too soon, like within a couple of hours. Avoid making it look like you're desperate. And don't take too long or he might assume that you aren't interested. Give yourself a day or two. During this time, draft out what you want to say and ask.

Think of writing it in more personal and less formal manner, but not long winded. In your email, indicate subtly that you are interested. Get a little creative and provide information about you that is positive and interesting to read and make him want to get to know you. Restrain yourself from making confessions.

When you inquire about him, avoid making it like you are interviewing him. Make your letter friendly, amusing and interesting. You can ask him what he does for fun, what are his favorite movies, music, sports and so on.

If he's really keen to get to know you and you've written an interesting letter, he will respond with a second one. And if you like to continue with your date, reply and answer his questions about you and ask more questions.

In email dating, this process of writing back and forth goes on until you get to know each other and build the trust. Once you've trusted him, you may want to give your telephone number so that you can talk to each other. But before that, be wary of dating scam. You can read about internet dating scams here.

You can also initiate the first email if you find someone's profile intriguing. Don't try to flirt or sound funny. Never say that you find him hot, macho or stuff like that. Just tell him that you find his profile interesting and would like to get to know him. Use a little imagination to get a response but make it short and sweet.

Give yourself a few days before assuming that he isn't keen to reply. Some emails go the spam box. Or he might have overlooked and not read it. If you don't get a reply after a week, don't take it personally. Forget about him and move on to the next person.

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