Dealing with Guilt

Dealing with guilt is one of the issues that single mothers have to tackle after a divorce or the death of a spouse. They'll be questioning themselves if they had done all they could while they were married. They may feel that they have done something wrong or haven't done enough.

If this feeling of remorse isn't dealt with, they'll have trouble to move on with life after divorce. Their self confidence and self esteem are greatly affected and they lose faith in themselves. To compensate for the guilty feeling they might make poor decisions with the intention to make everything right again.

Having a guilty conscience will also make it difficult for them to leave their children behind to take some time out. They'll feel that they are acting irresponsibly and not being a good mother if they are out for a date or to have some fun. There are also some single mothers who feel guilty to leave their children behind while they are out at work. This is especially so if their children are still young and they feel that their kids need undivided attention.

Unexpressed anger, redirected against yourself and held within is called guilt. - David Viscott

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Overcoming and Dealing with Guilt

Analyze your emotion.

Whenever the feeling of guilt surfaces, calm down. One of the ways to know why you are feeling the way you do is to ask questions. Questioning will change your state of mind. When you get an answer, question your answers until you and to get to the bottom of it.

Let go and release.

If you realize that it's actually an angry feeling that you have kept within, release it and clear your conscience. If you have done something wrong and feel ashamed, admit your mistake and forgive yourself. Remind yourself that nobody's perfect. Affirm to yourself that the next time you'll act more responsibly.

Challenge your inner critics.

Sometime's the feeling is unfounded. Become aware of your negative thoughts and inner criticisms that keeps telling you that you are inadequate and have done wrongful acts. Challenge them by questioning and acting against the negative self talk.

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Dealing with guilt is necessary because if you don't you aren't going to feel happy. It's a heavy burden to bear. Let the past be where it should, and that is in the past. Do your best to make your present better because there's where your future is. Don't punish yourself further. You deserve to feel happy and to enjoy life.

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