Dealing with Grief

Coping and dealing with grief, death and loss. How to deal with grief and how to go through the grieving process.

The loss of a spouse due to death isn't easy and unbearable. Even if you were expecting it to come sooner or later especially if he has been suffering from a terminal illness, the loss is greatly felt.

Most people will eventually heal. The time it takes to overcome the sorrow will depend on the individual. But almost everyone will go through the stages of grief before they will finally accept the loss and move on.

You will go through the stages of grief from feeling extreme sorrow, sadness and mental anguish to a state of shock and feeling numb. Once his body is laid to rest, you will feel a deep sense of loss. A feeling of separation, emptiness and loneliness will follow.

During this stage of bereavement, you will feel remorseful, bitter, angry, lonely and self-pity. Your energy and motivation are drained. You might cry easily and feel that your whole sense of self is also weeping.

Here are some tips in dealing with grief and how to go through the grieving process.

Find grief support groups.

If you can't find a support group nearby, search the internet. There are many grief recovery support groups where the members share their feelings and help each other and the counselors help you to recover.

Connect with family members and friends.

Don't isolate yourself. Go out and connect with family members and friends. Join a group activity especially something that you can contribute your energy, knowledge or experience.

Keep busy.

In the early stages of mourning, you might not have the energy to even wake up in the morning. But you must push yourself forward and get out of bed and your house. Get back to work as soon as you can. If you are unemployed, find a job. If you are financially independent and don't need to work, find something else to do that will occupy your time and allow you to socialize and meet people.

Take time for reflection.

You will find yourself alone at night. During this time, think through and plan your life ahead. You are still alive and may have many more years ahead to live this life. There's no point thinking of the past if it's going to make you feel sad and lonelier. Think of what you can do to improve your life. Consider pursuing something that you've dreamed of doing but put it on hold or forgotten.

Accept it.

People can try to delay death but it is something that will eventually come. Accept that it is something everyone has to face with. You can never get your loved one back but you can start anew and make the balance of your life a memorable one.

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