Dating Younger Men

What's your opinion about older women dating younger men, those with an age difference of more than 7 years?

The most popular age difference couple is of course Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. There is an age gap of about 15 years in between them.

It is very common for women to date older men. In fact, many women have voiced out that the presence of a younger woman was one of the reasons why their husbands strayed. But when women are involved in age gap relationships, people seem to put a tag to it.

Older women who date younger men are labeled as cougar. A little bit of research shows that the term was coined around 1999. It became popular when Valerie Gibson wrote a book called Cougar - a guide for older women dating younger men.

Actually, it's nobody's business to question on why some women like young men but it's an interesting trend and one can't help but notice and wonder. is one of the popular cougar dating sites that was created to meet this need.

Some women claimed that this age gap relationships happen unintentionally. Quite often, younger men seem to seek older women. They find older women more secure, mature and attractive compared to girls their age. And women find this attraction a boost to their esteem and sexuality.

Just like almost everything else in life, there are pros and cons of dating younger men. Young men between the ages of nineteen to twenty five are at their peak and full of energy. But they are not necessarily matured emotionally and most are still learning, growing and experiencing things.

A relationship with a big age difference works for some people. Women who feel comfortable pampering, don't mind other people's judgments and take things easy wouldn't mind it. But a woman who is insecure might not want to have any serious relationship for fear of being abandoned when her partner feels that she has become less desirable.

There are also women who go only for toy boys. There is nothing serious in this kind of relationship because there is no emotional involvement. Both benefit in their own ways.

If you are considering of whether you should accept a date with a young man, go ahead and do it. If you've never dated a man who is younger before, this is an opportunity for a new experience. Take it easy and enjoy the fun.

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