About Dating Violence

While most people associate dating violence with young teenage girls the truth is that anyone regardless of age or sex may be a victim of this violence. With the advent of internet dating the risk of dating abuse and violence is always at the back of everyone's mind and there are horror stories to prove that such abuse exists.

Dating violence or also known as dating abuse is when one person in a dating situation purposely causes physical, sexual, or emotion harm to a person they are dating or have dated. This harm can be caused on a first date or in an established relationship. This kind of violence can have long term effects for the abused person. It may take years for the abused to recover.

Knowing the sign of dating abuse is the best way to help prevent it from happening to you or someone you love.

Signs of Dating Violence

  1. If the man you have begun dating seems too good to be true he probably is. While there are many nice guys out there a man or woman who seems a little too perfect may be bidding his time and waiting until he thinks he has you hooked.

  2. If you accept a date and your date seems a little too controlling, deciding where you will go, what you will eat, and even suggesting what you should wear, then you might want to be cautious.

  3. Constantly criticizes you for everything including little things

  4. Humiliates you in front of others or makes you out of place with sexual remarks on a first date

  5. Accuses you of "seeing others" when the two of you are dating

  6. Demands to know where you have been when he is not with you or tries to dictate how you spend your free time

  7. Resorts to name calling.

  8. Threatens violence against you, your family, your children, or your pet

How to prevent dating violence

Being aware of the signs that violence and dating do happen can help you avoid it. Being proactive can help you prevent dating violence from occurring in the first place.

Here are some steps you can take to protect from dating abuse.

  1. When meeting someone that you don't know such as someone you met on the Internet for a date, meet in a public place and make sure you tell a friend where you are going and whom you are meeting. Never go off with that person in his automobile.

  2. When meeting this person whether for coffee or drinks somewhere, never leave your drink unattended. If you do order a fresh one and have the one you left removed.

  3. If someone you have begun dating seems to be a little too controlling, or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, pay attention to that instinct and end the date immediately. If you feel the least little bit uneasy about his character call a friend or someone else you know to come and help you get out of the situation.

  4. No matter how long you have been in a relationship if you begin to feel as though your date is trying to control you or cut you off from family or friends, end the relationship.

  5. The best way to protect yourself from dating abuse is to be alert, aware, and avoid putting yourself in any situation for which you feel uncomfortable

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