Causes and Cure for Boredom

If you need a cure for boredom, you'll find some suggestions on this page. However, there's no excuse to feel bored, especially on weekends, even if this is the first time you find yourself home alone and living the single life.

First of all, boredom is a state of mind. It doesn't happen all the time. You are bored because you don't know what to do with your time, can't find any interesting thing to do, or because you don't like what you are doing.

So the simplest solution to relieve boredom is to find something interesting to do. There must be several things that you enjoy doing or would like to try either alone or with a friend. Ask yourself what they are and list all of them. After you've done that, pick one from your list, do it and get going.

To assist you, here's a list of things to do when bored.

Cure for Boredom - The Boredom Busters

Redecorate your apartment or rearrange your furniture.

You don't have to redo your living space unless you have the budget and want to do so. What you can do is rearrange your furniture and wall paintings to give your home a different look. Repaint your walls if you feel like it and splash them with different and bold colors for a change.

Clear the clutters.

If your wardrobe and home are in a mess, your mind will feel cluttered too. Look at all your stuff. If you haven't been using them for a while, don't need them but are taking up space, are broken or spoilt, throw, sell them off or give them away.

Try new recipes.

How about trying a new recipe like Tiramisu or homemade bread? You can search for any recipe you want through Google or YouTube. Invite a few friends or family members over to taste or visit them and bring your new dish.

Start a new craft project.

One boredom solution that will keep you focused and occupied is to start a new craft project. You can decide on scrapbooking, bead jewelry, making scented candles, knitting, cross stitch, and so on. There are so many options that you can choose. Click on the link to find several recreational activiites ideas and how to pass your leisure time

Play online games.

Many people play online games as a cure for boredom. There are many free online and arcade games This past time will keep you busy and preoccupied. Get good at it and reach the highest level you can. Here's where you can find interesting 3D virtual games.


Network online.

Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are three of the popular social networking sites. You can also search and join specific groups that interest you. If you are looking for free online dating websites, you can register with Yahoo personals or plentyoffish.


If you have a small plot of land you can start vegetable gardening and plant some herbs too. This is a healthy and fulfilling activity. If you are living in an apartment, use the flower box if available or plant them in flower pots.

Develop a new hobby.

Photography, drawing, painting, and scuba diving are some interesting activities you can do as a cure for boredom. You can also learn to play musical instruments like the guitar or keyboard which you can learn on your own.

Set your goals.

Write down all the things that you want to have, do and become. Cover all areas of your life; your career goals, where you would like to travel, what toys you want to have and what you want to become 1, 3, 5 and 10 years from now. Don't think of whether you can achieve or have them. Rev up your imagination and just keep writing.

Fix a deadline on each and pick four from the list that you want to accomplish within the next 12 months. Then write the reasons why you want them. After that write down what you can do immediately to set the momentum.

Go out with friends.

Another cure for boredome is to go out with a few friends and do anything together that makes you happy. You can go to the movies, have a picnic, drive to the beach or do anything else under the sky.

Go out alone.

If you haven't done this, try it. Sit alone at one of the outdoor cafes, bring a magazine or book along in case you prefer to read or just watch people. Maybe you might also want to experience what it feels like watching a movie unaccompanied.

Start a blog. and are the two most popular blogging platforms. It's easy to sign up and you will have you own personal blog in minutes. Once you start blogging, you'll find yourself wanting to learn more and try new widgets and stuff. And blogging gives you the chance to connect with other bloggers. This activity is a sure cure for boredom.

Do volunteer work.

There is always an organization near you that will welcome your participation. You can volunteer to teach kids or help out at a nursing home.

Get a part time job.

Getting a part time job will not only keep you occupied but also provide you with an extra income. If you don't feel like taking up evening jobs, then look for one that you can work on weekends only.

Work from home during your spare time.

There are several ways you can earn while working at home during your spare time. You can try affiliate marketing, earn as a writer, become a virtual assistant and try several other opportunities.

Join a network marketing company.

If you like to meet people and are interested in promoting and selling products, you can join a network marketing company. Just make sure that you check the company's background, marketing plan and the products that they are selling.

Conduct a cooking class.

If cooking is your forte, you might want to conduct a cooking class a few evenings of the week or on weekends. You'll make new friends, get some followers and also earn money.

Schedule time to pamper yourself.

Once a week pamper yourself with a manicure, pedicure, a body massage, face lift or get your hair done. If your budget is tight do the manicure and pedicure yourself.


Reading is highly recommended. Whenever you are free, read something inspiring, motivating or anything that will broaden and expand your knowledge. If you aren't into self help and personal development books, read novels.

Keep and update a journal.

Unlike a blog, your personal journal is very private. Write down your thoughts, activities, progress, dreams, goals and emotions. You'll learn so much about yourself when you read what you've written several months later.

Learn to visualize and practice it daily.

Your mind is a powerful tool to help you get what you want if you use it creatively. Make use of your creative imagination. Learn how to visualize and make it a daily and nightly practice. Making up your mental movies is fun and is one of the easiest cure for boredom.

Join a health club or gym.

Health clubs and gyms provide personal coaches, equipments and other activities like salsa dancing, yoga, aerobics, kick boxing and many more. Being actively involved is a cure for boredom. And you'll met many people who are also health conscious.

Watch online movies.

There's sidereel, a website where you can watch your favorite television shows for free. And you can search and watch so many categories of videos on YouTube.

Continuing education

Search local universities, adult education centers and online colleges to ask for information about available short term degree and certification programs that you are interested in and can do part time, either in the evenings, on weekend or online.

By the time you reach the bottom of this list, you should be able to pick one as a cure for boredom. Probably you are already thinking of other things that you can do or a project that you can start that are not listed here.

So you see, there's always something you can do as a cure for boredom. Start doing something and you'll soon realize that you have so many things to do and so little time to do them. You will never again feel bored because your days are no longer boring.

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