Creative Dating Ideas

You don't have to spend a fortune for a fun date. When thinking about creative dating ideas, the emphasis should be on spending time together doing something that you both enjoy.

Your social life can exert unnecessary strain on your finances in these trying economic times if your ideas for a fun date with your partner entail frequenting upscale restaurants. Even if your man picks up the tab you will have to dress up the part. After all you can't be seen in the same cocktail dress over and over again.


Besides, if you intend to rub shoulders with the glitterati of your city or town you should be willing to play the part in kind. However, in the midst of all this, you may lose the interest of your man. You have to understand that these are frugal times and low maintenance girls are in. So let's talk about some creative dating ideas that will keep your man coming back for more.

If you have opposite penchants in life, try doing something that your man enjoys like going out to catch a basketball match one time and then alternate it with something that you enjoy, for instance going out to a movie geared towards women. Your man will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Some other fun date ideas include spending time with each other surrounded by the bounties of nature. So spend a day exploring the various hiking trails in and around your town or city. You could go skiing in winter if your area receives a good amount of snow fall or if you live close to a water body, go out boating or canoeing, just the two of you and the tranquility of the river or lake.

Another one of the many fun things to do on a date is to pack your picnic hamper and get ready to explore the forests or around your city. You could also just spend an afternoon lazing in the park as you sip on some wine with your partner.

Alternatively, other creative dating ideas can include taking a day trip to a town or city that you always wanted to explore. Try to pick a nearby location so that you don't have to spend for air travel. If you plan well in advance and book the tickets a few weeks before your trip, you could save a bundle on air travel as well.

Try to find out about concerts, plays and other events in your city that you can visit without spending a lot of money. Even though concerts and plays may seem like the movies, they have an added appeal. Besides some of the classics are truly romantic and were written to be enjoyed with your partner.

Another dating idea that you might want to consider is going to the local miniature golf course if your beau is a golf enthusiast. Or if you are going out with an adventurous man, try a game of paintball or laser tag. It is ok to get out of your comfort zone and do something that your man loves. Not only will it be a lot of fun but it can also help to work of some of the calories that you may have accumulated on those trips to the restaurant.

So as you can see, you don't necessarily need to have an impressive budget to have fun with our partner, just be innovative and ready to put in an effort and even a candle light dinner at home will create more magic than a trip to the most expensive restaurant in town

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