Coping with Loneliness

Coping with loneliness is achievable but takes efforts. If you don't curb that lonely feeling, you might slip into depression. Once you feel depressed, it's harder to come out of it. But being single isn't the cause of loneliness. Many married women are also feeling lonely and so alone.

One of the major causes of loneliness is the feeling of isolation. It's when you feel abandoned, estranged and dejected. It's normal to grieve and go through the stages of shock, deep sense of loss, feeling empty, bitter and lonely when you suffer a loss. A breakup of a long term relationship and the death of someone you love will put you in an unresourceful state of mind. But if you allow yourself to feel isolated and withdrawn for too long, you will get carried away and go through emotional turmoil.


How to Overcome Loneliness

Get back to work immediately.

Don't take time off to think. If you have a job, get back to work immediately. If you don't have, find a job.

Keep busy.

Keep yourself busy and occupied. If you dread going home, get involved in activities like going to the gym or get involved and participate in any kind of group activities.

Get out of your house.

Initially the weekends are really lonely. Get out of your house and do things with friends and family members. Or invite them over for lunch at your place.

When you are alone at home.

You will feel lonely on some nights. Coping with loneliness when you are home alone is a little tough but you must face and fight it. One of the things that you shouldn't do is to invite someone over for a night stand. If you do this, you'll feel sorry and more dejected later.


What you can do is network with people online. The internet makes it possible for everyone to connect with anyone who shares the same interests. You can chat, join forum discussions, read, learn and even start your own website and share your experiences on how you are coping with loneliness or impart your skills and knowledge that will benefit others.

It's also a good time to contemplate, set your personal, career and financial goals and plan your future. Alone time is a good time to get to know you and discover who you are, what you like and what you want to become.

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