Coping with Divorce

Coping with divorce is crucial for your emotional, mental and physical wellness. Getting over the split up isn't easy and life after divorce is tough initially. But it's something that you must do; the sooner the better.

Here are some tips on dealing with divorce and how to get over a marriage.

Accept it.

Being alone again is painful and difficult. Feeling lonely in the early stage is very common. You'll think that you have no future and can't go on. But it's over, really over. He is gone. Accept it that you are alone and single again.

Learn to manage your emotions.

Write down honestly what and how you are feeling. Not about your past but your emotions right now. Are you angry or are you filled with sadness? Or are you scared? Are you afraid and terrified with the thought that now you are all alone again and may have to come face to face with loneliness?

Once you have identified you emotions coping with divorce is easier. List down possible positive solutions. These questions and suggestions might help you in coping with divorce and getting over it.

  1. Will writing a letter to the person help? Will it help if you write your thoughts down, keep it and destroy it later? How about talking it over with an understanding friend or a counselor?

  2. What can you do to connect with others? Can you meet up with your friends or your family members? Would you care to volunteer for a cause? How about joining a community that involves your passion or interest?

  3. What activities do you enjoy doing? Think of the activities or something that you enjoy participating in but couldn't when you were in a relationship.

  4. What can you do to rebuild your self esteem and self confidence? A makeover might help, even if it's as simple as changing the way you look or dress. You can enroll in a self improvement course if you find it helpful. And get a job, if you are jobless.

After going through this question and answer process, take action even if it's a small step like calling a friend to say hello.

Plan your future.

You are now living alone and on your own. You must get back on your feet. There are things to look into and to plan ahead now that you are being single once again.

  1. What is it that you want now that you are single and alone again? It's best to put intimate relationship or dating again aside at least for a year.

  2. How are you going to manage your finances?

  3. What are the things or who are the people that you should remove or let go from your life because their presence will only sap your energy?

  4. What are you going to do during your spare time?

  5. What new skill can you learn to make yourself more marketable, or to allow you to earn extra for travel and luxuries.

List them down. These are you goals. Take action each day and let these activities keep you busy and energized. If you make mistakes along the way, pause for a while, take notes, and then get up again and move on.

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