Cohabitation Before Marriage

Cohabitation before marriage has its advantages and disadvantages. Women who choose to cohabitate prefer being partnered but don't wish to tie the knot until they are ready or when they find it necessary. Their lifestyle is usually like any other married couples except that aren't legally married, so their marital status remains as single women.

Legally, couples living together don't automatically inherit or receive protection under the law. It's wise to learn about the legality of living together and the many issues that are related.

Whether cohabitation is wrong or right depends on a person's faith and belief system. And even if a person thinks it isn't wrong, she may not necessarily want to do it because she values marriage. The fabulously single women would rather date but won't commit because she loves the freedom that comes with being single.

Why People Cohabitate and the Pros and Cons of Cohabitation Before Marriage

No longer as much a social stigma.

30 years ago, couples would not think of cohabiting or if they do, would do it discreetly. Now with less social pressure, it's easy to decide. The most famous cohabiting couple is of course Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Save money on rent and living expenses.

Being able to share the rent and living expenses is one of the reasons. They reason that since they are in a relationship, it's better to move in together and have a joint household budget.

Need physical closeness.

There are single women who need constant companion to have conversations with and to be physically closed.

Fear of living and being alone.

A single woman who doesn't enjoy living and being alone and thinks that she can't manage without someone else physically and emotionally but doesn't want to get married will choose to live in together.

Fear of divorce.

Women who have been married and divorced might have this fear. So she decides not to remarry but stay together instead. Women who have witnessed the unhappiness of their parents' marriage and bitter divorces also sometimes choose not to be married.

To test if marriage would work.

There are people who cohabitate to see if marriage would work for them. They want to get to know each other first to determine if they can live together and are compatible. It's like a trial run.

The cost of getting married is expensive.

Wedding cost is high. When people decide to live together, they'll just pack their stuff and move in.

If this is your problem, uncover secret ways to negotiate prices and save thousands of dollars on your wedding.

Brief romance.

When people who just got to know each other move in too soon, the romance period is brief. Once couples move in, they'll no longer be intense yearning.

It's easy to walk out.

Without the vow and promise, either one can easily walk out although the breakup will still hurt. But they don't have to go through any legal hassle.

Increase the number of unmarried mothers.

Cohabiting couples contribute to the increase number of unmarried mothers. It they choose not to marry and go separate ways, the issue on parenting rights may arise.

You might want to check out Living Together - A Legal Guide for Unmarried Couples. It is a complete overview of important legal documents, including a living together contract and instructions to filling out these documents.

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