Cheap Vacations for Frugal Solo Travelers

If money is tight or you are a frugal single traveler looking for cheap vacations to relax, unwind and change your environment a bit, you'll find some tips below.

Plan in advance.

Planning ahead instead of making last minute travel deal is important especially if you are going on cheap vacations. You must make the most out of your trip especially if it's to a faraway land which you might not visit again. Check everything from the exchange rate, the culture, safety measures, clothing, and so on to avoid inconveniences or having to make unnecessary purchases.

Search the Internet.

One of the surest ways to find cheap vacation packages is to search the Internet. There are many travel websites that offer vacation deals that will suit your budget. You can get a reduction of 30 percent or more on the cost of air fare, hotels, meals, and more.

Search the Internet for interesting and "must see" places and the "must try" things. List your itinerary for the whole trip. Even if you are traveling in a group where the program is planned for you, it's helpful if you do your own search and find out more about the place you are visiting.

Travel during the "off season."

If you want to travel cheap abroad, go during the off season. There are fewer people traveling and you can get everything cheap. Top summer destinations are usually great fall bargains. In the Northern Hemisphere, that is countries located north of the equator, it is generally from late November to early March.

Fly budget airlines.

Low fare or budget airline is a cheap way to travel. It is safe because the airlines follow the same compulsory regulations for maintenance, pilot performance as any major airline. Before deciding on which budget airline to travel, check the history, past performance and number of stops so that you will feel confident and travel with ease.

Here's where you can get the lowest airfare flights.

Look for less popular destinations.


If you are looking for a beach vacation for example, Malaysia is cheaper than Phuket. Both have friendly locals and offer, water sports and a lot of sightseeing. But less people visit Malaysia than Thailand so you'll get cheaper deals.

Stay in a hostel or budget hotels.

You'll find hostels and budget hotels in every city in the world. Being a solo traveler makes it convenient for you to opt for this type of accommodation. There are usually fewer amenities like not having an internet connection, cable television or room service. But you will only pay a small amount for the lodging. Anyway, you should be able to find cyber cafes and plenty of restaurants nearby.

Go to countries with lower currency exchange.

This is one of the best ways to have cheap vacations. Examples are countries in Asia like China, India, Malaysia and Thailand.

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