Where Can You Get Cheap Furniture

Are you looking for cheap furniture to fill up your home or to redecorate it? If you are on a tight budget or don't want to spend a lot of money furniture, what you can do look out for discount furniture or bargain furniture, online or at the store.

The other option is to buy cheap and used home furniture. Used furniture isn't necessarily bad. They are just, used. Some people relocate and don't want to pay for packing and moving cost or to pay for storage. There are those who replace the old with the new and require the space. There are various reasons. Though it's not important, it's good to ask before you buy.

Where to get cheap new furniture?

You can find them at your local discount or chain stores. IKEA, WalMart, Target, Jusco are some of the popular stores. You will find some of these stores selling "as is" furniture. The stuffs are sold cheaper because they have been used for display or are slightly damaged. At certain times, these stores offer further discounts.

You can also save on furniture if you buy from a factory outlet or a warehouse. The other option is to buy from online discount stores.

Some stores include free delivery. Otherwise, you have to pay a minimal fee or arrange your own means of transportation of the item.

Where to buy good but used cheap furniture?

  1. Flea markets

  2. Online auction sites

  3. Craigslist

  4. EBay

  5. Garage sales, yard sales, moving sales, estate sales

  6. Second hand stores

  7. From friends or family members

  8. Salvation Army

  9. Catalog return stores

When you buy used furniture, it usually doesn't include the delivery cost. So it's best that you purchase your furniture near where you live to save on the delivery cost. And there isn't any warranty.

How to find cheap furniture, new or used?

  1. Read ads in your local newspaper

  2. Compare furniture prices online

  3. Subscribe to online discount stores and check your emails

  4. Check your mail box for flyers, brochures and catalogues offering promotions, discounts and offers

  5. Check bulletin boards at apartments, condominiums and convenience stores

  6. Drive around on Saturday or Sunday

Furniture Buying Tips

  1. When you buy furniture online, you won't be able to see the item, except look at the picture. The best thing you can do is to read reviews from other buyers or users. You will get a grasp of what to expect.

  2. If you plan to buy from eBay or craigslist, ask the seller if there is any damage on the item. Also discuss payment method and delivery.

  3. If you are buying used furniture at a garage sale or yard sale, look for scratches, dents, or any other damage. If you can't find any, ask if there is. You can still try to negotiate even if there is a price tag if the damage is bad.

  4. The same applies if you buying from a second hand shop or an estate sale, except that you might not be able to negotiate on the price.

  5. Make sure you bring cash and have enough change. Discuss delivery because you may have to come back to pick the item that you have purchased.

  6. Before you make a decision to buy or not to buy used furniture that is damaged or soiled, look at the extent of it. Figure out and estimate the work and cost required to refinish, clean or reupholster it.

  7. If there is nothing is wrong at all with the cheap furniture, ask why it is being sold. Sometimes, people just bought the items and they are still new but they've changed their minds or have some personal reasons that they want to get rid of their stuffs.

  8. Go for the sales in the morning and on a Saturday. There are more choices especially if it is "an everything must go sale."

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