Tips for Celibate Singles

Sometimes, being single comes with being celibate. This is especially so if you have reached the age of 50, don't date and have no social life. But celibacy usually becomes easier with age. Cultural, moral and religious obligations and expectations are also some of the reasons why older single women abstain from sexual relations.

Younger singles are choosing to celibate even with sexual and reproductive freedom these days for various reasons like ...

  1. Don't believe in casual sex

  2. Want to wait until an emotional attachment is developed

  3. Wait until they are legally married

  4. Asexual or having low sex drive

  5. Cautious because they are afraid of contacting diseases like STD and HIV

  6. Avoiding unexpected pregnancy

  7. Went through a very painful and bad childhood experience associated with it

But it doesn't mean that they don't want to have a relationship. They still want to date, look for companionship and attention. But until they are certain, they would rather develop a platonic relationship.

For some people being abstinent is hard. Some find it unusual that there are people who choose to control their libido needs. Celibacy becomes a problem only if it happens in a marriage and if only one partner decides to abstain from getting physical and intimate.

The other disadvantage is that it can become a little difficult to find a date or develop a relationship with those who don't understand their personal choice and decision. To solve the problem, these singles join dating and networking websites for celibate singles. If you do a search, you'll find a few free ones.

If you are thinking of trying to abstain yourself from your urge and desire and test how long you can last, here are some tips.

  1. Focus your mind on something that consumes your thoughts and energy. This has to be something important and that you are passionate about.

  2. Stay away from materials in any form that are erotic or might arouse and stimulate your desires and urges. This includes men.

  3. Have a very good and solid reason on why you want to practice celibacy and each time your mind wanders, remind yourself of this goal.

  4. If you are spiritually inclined, turn to your religion.

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