Building Self Confidence

Building self confidence, how to develop self confidence, poise and self assurance.

After having had a few failed relationships or being single for quite a while, it's quite normal to lose your self confidence. You want to go back to the dating scene and try new things but feel scared and unsure of what to do or expect. You seem to notice more of your weaknesses and you feel inferior. Sometimes you feel guilty especially if you are a single mother. Because of your low self confidence, you are anxious and afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Building self confidence is doable.

Don't dwell on your mistakes.

You might have made a few wrong decisions in life. Everyone does. Don't dwell upon those mistakes. Instead learn from them and also remember your past success. You are now wiser and are able to make better judgments. Change your outlook and look at the positive side of things. You attract into your life whatever you focus on. So it's best that you concentrate on the positive side of things and people.

Have new challenging goals in life.

Think of something that you really want to do. It doesn't have to be something vigorous or risky. Plan something like taking up a part time or full time course that could improve your skill and upgrade your life. You must move forward and do things that will make you feel proud of yourself. When you improve your confidence in one area, you will gain self assurance and poise.

Listen to your excuses.

One of the ways of building self confidence is to listen, and monitor your self talk and conversations and challenge your excuses. What are you telling yourself and others? Are your conversations and inner talks negative? Start to replace those negative talks and excuses with positive ones. Practice using positive affirmations, creative imagination and act as if you are confident.

Surround yourself with supportive and optimistic people.

Get away from people who are negative and pessimistic. You don't need them as company because they will make you feel more discouraged. Hanging around with positive people is good because you can pick up the vibrations and look at life more optimistically. You must try to make an effort to do this instead of staying home feeling sorry for yourself. Another option is to read motivational and inspirational books, listen to audio or watch video programs to help you improve your communication and people skill.

Face your fears.

What are you afraid of? Are you afraid to speak up, to make eye contact or to flirt? Face that fear head on. Take action even if it is just saying "Hello" or offering a smile. Don't be afraid or bothered by what others might think of you. Don't feel self conscious. Even a small action to overcome your fear will help build your confidence.

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