How to Mend a Broken Heart

Every single day, there's always someone suffering from a broken heart. This is because people break up all the time. People are dumped, rejected and abandoned and it's happening everywhere. A breakup hurts each time even if it's not the first time.

Many women, who have been living with their partners for many years or were in serious relationships, find it difficult to heal their shattered hearts. Some of them are traumatized after being cheated and dumped that they vow not to develop another relationship again. But the majority get into rebound relationships because they can't handle the loneliness and want to find an easier way to get over their ex.


Though getting over a breakup takes time, you will eventually heal from your heart break. How long it takes depend on how soon and how willing you are to let go. But until you do, there is immense emotional pain. You'll feel bitter, angry, embarrassed and sad. The initial impact of having your heartbroken can sometimes make you feel numb. There's no motivation and energy to do anything.

Relationship Break Up Advice - Healing a Broken Heart

Close the book.

Every end is a new beginning. Though it's hard, you must and should close the book of your past. There's no point trying to do a post mortem and finding whom to blame. Accept and admit that your relationship is over. Replace the painful emotions with positive thoughts. Tell yourself that you will survive the breakup and will become a better person.

Connect with your support network.

Connect with your parents, siblings, and close friends. Spend your time with them and do things that you enjoy.

Get engrossed in your work.

Your job is a good outlet to keep you busy and engrossed. It keeps you away from being home alone and lonely. Associating with positive minded people will help you stay optimistic and positive.

Get physically active.

Exercise, sports and physical activates are healthy ways to heal your broken heart. If you aren't motivate to do it alone, join a gym. Other than meeting new people and socializing with health conscious individuals, there are many other group activities like dancing, kick boxing and yoga.

Reach out to others.

Do volunteer works or conduct classes in any area you that you enjoy like having a cooking class or teaching kids.

Do something different or new.

You can enroll in evening classes. Initially you might use this as an excuse to keep you occupied. But once you start and get absorbed in learning and could see the benefits of pursuing your education, your feeling will transform. If you aren't interested in furthering your education, why not consider starting a business from home. Or you might like to try taking up dancing lessons or scuba diving. Think of what you like and enjoy and do it.

Pay attention to your physical appearance.

The reason you should do this is to feel good about yourself and to enhance your self esteem. Don't allow your heartbreak to make you want to eat and put on excess weight. If you realize that you are an emotional eater, decide to stop emotional eating. Each time when you feel like eating, go out and do some physical activities.

Make use of your alone time for self discovery and renewal.

No matter how you try to keep yourself busy, you'll find that you have to go home and spend your time alone. Use this alone time to contemplate, relax and meditate, learn about yourself and to read. Get a journal and start writing your thoughts and feelings. This is one of the processes to heal your broken heart.

Don't try to reach out to your ex.

Your ex dumped you because he no longer loves you. Don't try to express your undying love, accept blame and promise to change to meet his needs. Have some dignity and pride.

Don't start harmful habits.

Don't try to use alcohol or drugs to drown your sorrow. They provide a temporary high and make you numb and forget your feelings for a while. But in the long run, it's going to hurt you more. Be bold and go through the grieving process.

Avoid a rebound relationship.

A rebound relationship is just an escape. As long as your broken heart isn't healed, a new relationship won't help you get over your marriage or your ex. Let your pain, anger and bitterness go. You are only ready once your ex no longer fills your thoughts and you find yourself smiling and laughing again.


Praying works for some people. If it works for you, do it.

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