Benefits of Getting Married

What are the benefits of getting married? Unlike people who are religiously inclined, many women who aren't into marriage have the fear of relationships or are commitment phobic. They will try to find the pros and cons of marriage and the reasons to get married.

Almost everything like companionship, sharing, loving, bonding, and procreation are accessible for those who are in domestic partnership or prefer to cohabitate.

Many women and men see marriage as a sign of loyalty, relationship recognition and a permanent commitment. This is one of the reasons why gays are fighting for same-sex marriage. For most heterosexual couples, once they are legally married and their status is altered, they sense that they are more socially accepted and it causes emotional and mental relief.

Marriage brings legal protections and rights. Being in an exclusive relationship or cohabiting doesn't allow partners to receive death benefits from social security, rights to estates, parental rights and insurance and tax benefits.

If a spouse dies, the surviving spouse is entitled to a percentage of the deceased fortune, assets and properties automatically. And the surviving wife or husband has the rights to the remains. When an emergency arises, the spouse and not the family will be given the rights to make a decision. Some other benefits of getting married are joint parenting, joint insurance policies, and automatic inheritance in the absence of will, domestic violence protection orders, and bereavement benefits.

For some people, the social, emotional and mental benefits of marriage are having legitimate children and upholding family values. They think that marriage is the best environment for bringing up and raising children.

Some people don't see the benefits of marriage because they notice the inconvenience, drawbacks, sacrifices that they have to make and even the statistics of divorce. Why not ask yourself these questions before entering into a marriage.

  1. Do you believe you are going to enjoy talking with this man or woman up into your old age?

  2. Do you fear of giving your full commitment?

  3. Are you willing to let go of your ego, communicate, and go through the transitions?

There are pros and cons to everything including marriage, being single and cohabiting. There is no guarantee that a marriage will last till death even if it started out well and was based on love and mutual understanding. It takes a lot of efforts to make a marriage works. Only you can and should decide if it is right for you.

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