Becoming a Surrogate Mother

What is surrogacy? Here are some facts about becoming a surrogate mother, the pros and cons and the risk of being a surrogate mother.

Childless couples who can't have children are often grateful to surrogate mothers who decide to get pregnant through surrogacy techniques. The surrogate mothers then give the baby to those who have asked for the service. Becoming a surrogate mother can be a very rewarding task for the right women such as those who are focused on helping others, have no qualms about it and most importantly, fully informed about being a surrogate.

So what is a surrogate mother

A surrogate mother is a woman, either married or a single woman, who decides to get pregnant and carry a baby for someone else and then give away the baby to a person or to a couple. In many cases, the baby may be genetically related to the biological parents, particularly if the parents' eggs and sperm are used during the process. In other cases, the surrogate mother gives up a child with no biological connection to the parents-to-be. Different contracts can be created but a surrogate mother is basically, a woman who gets pregnant to the full term for an individual or a couple.

Types of Surrogacy

There are different types of surrogacy such as gestational surrogacy, commercial surrogacy, and altruistic surrogacy. Becoming a surrogate mother may involve having sperm implanted by the biological father who is part of the couple who will be raising the child. Or the sperm can come from a complete stranger, unrelated to the couple. Eggs can also be mixed with the sperm of the father and implanted in the female who will be carrying the baby to term.

Women who become surrogate mothers may also opt to donate their own eggs which can be mixed with sperm from the potential couple or a sperm donor. Another option involves using eggs from the biological mother and implanting them in the surrogate. Clearly, there are many types of surrogacy options.

The pros and cons of being a surrogate mother and the risks

Becoming a surrogate mother can result in significant payments, depending on the state and laws of the state as well as the legal contract between surrogate mothers and potential parents. It is not unusual to get paid as much as $20,000 to $40,000 per surrogacy, depending on the terms and conditions. Variables such as number of surrogacy attempts, health of the surrogate mom, age of the potential parents and whether the pregnant woman lives alone or in special housing will affect costs and payments.

In some cases, those who become surrogate mothers may have to take time off from work or relocate. These factors can also affect payment, particularly if the pregnant woman has to stay in bed or stop working. Variables like these are normally spelled out in the surrogacy contract when it comes to payments and arrangements.

Becoming a surrogate mother is not without risks and these should be recognized and researched. Complications may develop, just as they could in any pregnancy, and it is important to have a contract which spells out what will occur in those instances. Being a surrogate, even after having had several successful pregnancies, can result in new medical conditions that are risky. Also, if the surrogate takes shots to get her ready for implantation of sperm or eggs, the shots can result in rare, but serious side effects.

For those who are drawn to surrogate motherhood, the joy of helping childless people have babies can be intense and quite rewarding. Of course, some surrogates find themselves having a harder time giving up the baby than expected. This is partly due to hormonal or emotional changes they hadn't anticipated. Every pregnancy has some risk so that can be a potential negative factor, particularly if the baby has health issues.

There are many women who've been surrogates multiple times and been at peace with their choice. However, it is vital that women who want to become surrogate mothers think through the decision carefully.

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