Single Women Balancing Work and Family

Tips for balancing work and family for single women and time management tips for moms who work.

Being single with kids and having a full time job requires effective time management and a lot of effort in balancing work and family. You are the breadwinner, the caregiver, the counselor and everything else. You don't have a partner to share your responsibilities and balance work and family demands. You have to drop the kids to school or extra activities, meet their dental appointments, plan family outing, buy their clothes, be at work, attend meetings and so on.

There are so many challenges, obligations, demands and expectations that at times you'll feel like you are out of control and not being a good mother or employee.

Here are some solutions for single women in balancing work and family and time management tips for moms who work.

Ask for help.

Since there is no spousal support around, enlist help from other people like your trusted neighbors, close friends, parents and siblings. You can't always try to beat the clock or be at two places at one time.

You should also start giving certain chores to your kids like throwing the trash and making their own beds. Although they might not do a good job, you are guiding them to learn about sharing responsibilities and discipline.

You can also hire help and outsource certain tasks to people who are reliable and trusted. Instead of sending your kids to school and picking them up, hire someone else to do that. If you can afford it, hire a maid or cleaning service to do your household chores. You will then have that time to use it on other things.

Be prepared.

Get everything that your kids need the night before, from pack lunches, laying the clothes to getting their backpacks ready.


One of the ways to balance work and family is to become aware of what's more important in your life? How much time do you spend on the important things or people compared to those that aren't important? Take time to evaluate and notice if you are spending more time on things that don't matter in the long run. Learn to say "No" to some things and people and even to yourself.

Join a support group or network for single mothers.

Network with other single working women or join a support group. Here's where you can share ideas, ask for help and be helped and offer your assistance. Group members can alternate babysitting, have joint family fun outings and are a good resource if something comes up and you need some urgent and unplanned backup.

Work from home.

Working from home is one of the best solutions in balancing work and family. If you are a full time employee, it's unlikely that you will be able to convince your employer to allow you to work from home a few days a week.

What you can do is allocate a few hours during the weekend or an hour a night to start something that can provide an alternative income and have the potential to become your main income source. You can start with handmade craft and sell them on the internet or through friends. You can also build a website and earn income through it.

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