Background Check of Someone

There are a lot of reasons you might want to do a background check of someone. Perhaps you are a single mother and want to hire someone to care for your children. Some single women feel safe doing a personal background check on contractors who will be coming into their homes.

Maybe you have just met a man who seems just too perfect, and you want to make sure. If you have a man in your life, but suspect his female friend is more than just a friend, you may want to check her out. Regardless of your reason, do you know how to do background checks and criminal records?

First, you should know that websites lie when they tell you that doing a full background check of someone is free and easy. Yes, a personal background check can certainly be free, but it won't be easy. And, yes, it can be very easy, but that won't be free. There are a few ways you can go about doing a background check.

Hire Someone

You can hire someone to do a background check. This should be a private investigator. Hiring a PI to run a background check for personal reasons would be the easiest way to go. But it can be pricey and can take several days to several weeks to get back to you with the results. On the positive side, you will know that a PI will get you all of the information that can be found and that information will be more reliable than if you do it yourself.

Paid Background Check Online

There are many websites where you can run a background check of someone by simply entering their first and last name, city of residence, and approximate age. You may have to pay a fee of anywhere from $4.95 to $99.95 or more. Some of these websites are quite reliable but you don't always get the information they tell you they have, even after you have paid their fees.

Some of the better online personal background check websites, however, won't charge you unless they are able to find results for you first. If you are conducting a background check for safety reasons, you should consider paying for it to make sure you get the information you need.

Free Online Background Checks

You can certainly search the internet to do your own background check without having to pay a dime for it. You can find criminal and arrest records, traffic violations or to know if your new nanny has a DUI, alternate names used, and information on others living in their household. Initiate a search for that person's name first and see what comes up.

Then try city, county, state, and federal law enforcement websites, which usually have a search for arrest records. Check your local court system's website for trial information. You can also get a lot of information for your personal background check on social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook. Don't rule out the less popular networking sites either like Yahoo and Google.

If you ever feel like you don't quite trust someone for any reason, it is a good idea to find out a little more about them. Don't feel like you are doing anything wrong by running a background check of someone. These days it is better to be safe than sorry.

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