Antioxidant Anti Aging

What is antioxidant anti aging? First of all, here's a simple explanation about antioxidant and free radicals.

The body continually replenishes its cells. Through a process called cellular metabolism, the body produces energy, more cells and repairs any damage. One by-product of cellular metabolism is free radicals.

Free radicals are atoms, molecules, or ions that reproduce rapidly and damage the cells in your body. The results are visible and invisible changes to our bodies. Thinner skin wrinkles and brittle bones are a problem. These radicals also weaken the immune system and lead to a number of health problems like cancer diabetes, arthritis and neurological deficiencies that will affect you as you age.

Free radicals also enter our body through cigarette smoke, smog, air pollutants, radiation and the sun's UV rays. The more free radicals we encounter, the greater the damage that can be done.

And what are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are substances that protect the cells in your body against the damages from these free radicals. They prevent the free radicals from reproducing and fight the aging process that goes on in your body. The benefits of antioxidant anti aging has become very well known and dubbed the hidden "miracle" that you'll find them in products from hand cream to supplement pills.

Examples of antioxidants include:

  1. Vitamin C

  2. Vitamin A

  3. Vitamin E

  4. Lutein

  5. Lycopene

  6. Beta-carotene

Antioxidants are not produced by the body so you must ingest them. A variety of foods contain antioxidants. Some of the sources of natural antioxidant rich foods are:

  1. Fruits

  2. Vegetables

  3. Nuts

  4. Legumes

Small red beans, dried beans, wild blueberry, red kidney beans, and black plums are some of the foods high in antioxidants. Eating fruits and vegetables in their natural form instead of juices brings the benefit of other nutrients found in the foods. Juices also contain a lot of sugar that is not needed by your body. Certain minerals like zinc and selenium also function in the body. They are not antioxidants but they boost the immune system to fight against free radical damage.

If you want to age gracefully and maintain that youthful and healthful glow, opt for antioxidant anti aging food.

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