Adventure Travel Vacations for Single Women

Consider taking adventure travel vacations if you are an athletic single woman who wants to enjoy the great outdoors with other like-minded people.

Adventure vacations are for active people who want to spend some time outdoors. The excursions are usually challenging to the body and the soul. You'll meet people with similar interests and have a great time putting your strength and your wits to the test.

If you search the internet, you'll find singles adventure travel websites that organize local and overseas adventure travel such as Alaska travel adventures, Costa Rica adventure vacations and so on.

Types of Adventure Travel Vacations

River rafting

Careening down a wild, fast and dangerous raging river is not for the faint of heart. It is a very thrilling and exciting adventure. If you like to river raft or want to learn, join an adventure vacation down the Colorado River, the Snake River, the Arkansas River or other white water destination. This is a great way to meet other singles and learn what they're made of.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is another one of the outdoor adventure vacations that you can choose. There are climbing excursions which will have you scaling rugged terrain with other singles. Check with the group arranging the vacation to see if they accept beginners and what gear is required.

Safari trips

Discover the mysteries of Africa with a safari. See wild animals you have only viewed on television or in magazines. Ride elephants across the plains and visit wildlife preserves. But, Africa is not the only destination.

In the United States you can head for Alaska and their national parks or Yosemite to see nature up close. Many singles like these excursions because they appeal to their independent nature.


This may be the perfect time to finally try big game fishing. Take a trip to catch swordfish and marlin with expert guides. It'll be you and against the sea, well, with a little help from the whole crew.


You may want to volunteer to participate in a working vacation such as helping researchers studying endangered animals. Some groups offer room and board in exchange for your work.

You'll get to see some exotic locales and be a part of important work to preserve the environment. There are also many groups that perform work on national and park trails in exchange for room and board. These volunteering vacations attract many singles who are civic minded and enjoy an adventure.

Dude Ranch

These are usually working ranches that allow others to experience what they do. You'll learn to ride a horse, rope cattle and perform other activities that take place on a ranch. If you are tired of the corporate world or your 9 to 5 job, trade it in for the dust of the open west - at least for a little while.

Adventure travel vacations can take place over a long weekend or turn into a week-long adventure. It all depends on your destination and your interests. You'll find adventure vacations close to home, or you may choose to make it a real adventure and venture as far as your little heart desires. Meeting other adventurous singles is almost guaranteed.

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