What are the Advantages of Being Single?

What are the advantages of being single? Here are the top ten reasons why being single is good.

  1. Personal freedom.

    You have the freedom to make your own decisions without having to get approval or consent. You get to meet your needs first. You are free to pursue whatever you wanted to do but can't when you were in a relationship. You are free to have your own thoughts instead of thinking for someone or having your "other half" do your thinking. You have the liberty for inner freedom and to move into new realms of life and become self reliant. There are plenty of options for you to explore life.

  2. Self discovery

    Do you know who you are other than being someone's daughter or ex? Do you know what you really want? Do you know what you like? If you have been in and out of relationships or marriages, it will help a lot if you could just pause for an extended period of time to look within. You need to stop repeating your mistakes and instead discover your potential and what makes your heart sings.

  3. Personal space.

    When was the last time you sat alone without interruptions? One of the advantages of being single is having your psychological, personal and emotional space. You can relax and "just be" who you are, with your thoughts. You can put down your guards. No questions asked. No compromising.

  4. A new beginning.

    If you have been in relationships, this is your second chance, maybe third or fourth for some, to learn about your mistakes and start anew. You have the opportunity and time to plan how you want to live your life. One of the single life advantages is that you get to grow, travel and develop your creativity and go for the things that you are passionate about. And if you have not given up falling in love, you can do it all over again and bring back the romance and excitement.

  5. Self reliant.

    Being single is good because you will discover that you can do things yourself without depending on others. A single success will lead to another. You will improve your decision making, money management and life skills. You get better and tougher as time goes by and as you aged.

  6. Reduced living expenses.

    This applies to those who have been the main breadwinner in a relationship and have been paying for living expenses. One of the advantages of being single is that you can rent a smaller or cheaper place. Food, groceries and living costs will go down because you are only paying for one, and that's you.

  7. Getting closer with your nuclear family

    When you are a couple, you have two families to consider, yours and his. Being single allows you to get back closer to home and it offers you the emotional support when you need it. You don't need to choose between your family or your in-law.

  8. Opportunity to expand geographical and personal borders.

    Another one of the advantages of being single is having the opportunity to travel extensively and engage in many kinds of adventures and activities. You get to explore new places, experience new things and try something different.

  9. You don't have to compromise and change your ways.

    For an intimate or marital relationship to work, each partner must compromise. The good thing about being single is you live the lifestyle you choose, without having to negotiate and change your behavior or habits to suit another.

  10. You can have affairs but don't have to get tied down.

    If you can handle it emotionally, you can have flings and affairs. You don't have to worry about feelings for each other wearing off.

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