Single Women Today

For single women today, living the single life has its ups and downs. There are good days of girls night out, travel and dating. There are also awful ones when it gets boring and lonely sometimes.

Many women enjoy being single. But there are quite a number who don't know what to do or haven't learned how to cope with living single when they find themselves alone again after a divorce or on the death of a spouse.

So are you...

A bachelorette?

bulletwoman Single and loving it

bulletwoman Single and looking for a husband

bulletwoman Cohabiting

Alone again?

bulletwoman Broke up

bulletwoman Separated

bulletwoman Divorced

bulletwoman Widowed

A single mom?

bulletwoman Separated

bulletwoman Divorced

bulletwoman Widowed

bulletwoman An unwed mother

Table of Contents

The Bachelorette

A bachelorette is an unmarried single woman. Once upon a time, people refer to a woman who remains single beyond the conventional age for marrying as a spinster or an old maid.

Single and Alone Again

Corrine 42, found herself single and alone again after her marriage of 19 years ended. For the next few months, she would go straight home after work and shut herself away from people.

Single Mothers

Single mothers are extraordinary women. Other than doing what most moms do, they have added responsibilities. One of the most challenging problems single moms face is living on a single income.

The Single Life

The single life, like any other living situation, has its challenges, joy and frustrations. It provides a good learning experience. It's an opportunity to know more about yourself, your desires, strengths, weaknesses, needs and your fears.

Travel for Singles

The singles travel market is booming because there are many solo travelers these days. Find advice, tips and suggestions on single women travel here.

Dating Tips

Here's where you'll find dating tips, online dating advice for women, dating help and dating articles.

Leisure and Recreational Activities

Having hobbies and spending time engaging in recreational activities are positive ways to keep the mind occupied, body revitalized and emotions under control.

Home Organization

Home organization and other home tips to organize and simplify your single life.

Frugal Living for Singles

Frugal living means living a thrifty and an economical way of life. The frugal lifestyle entails that you acquire better money management skills and become a better money manager. It's about being penny wise, cost conscious and prudent.

Relationship Advice

Here's where you'll find free relationship advice, help and tips for single women. Some of the most common relationship problems and issues are on rebounds, understanding men, how to flirt, single parent child relationship, should you reconcile with your ex and so on.

Health Tips

Women's health tips, articles on health and fitness and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

How to Videos

You'll find links to how to videos on this page. If you are a visual learner, watching these free video clips is an easy way to learn how to do things.

Contact Single Women Today

Click on this link to contact Single Women Today. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

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Terms, terminology, slangs and acronyms

Spinster - an unmarried woman who is single beyond the conventional age for marrying.

Bachelorette - an informal chiefly American term for an unmarried woman.

Old maid - same as spinster.

Cougar - an older woman who pursues men at least eight years her junior.

Boy toy or toy boy - a much younger boyfriend or husband of an older woman.

Sugar daddy/mommy - a rich, usually older person who offers money or gifts to a less rich, usually younger person in return for companionship.

Walker - stand-in for a boyfriend.

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